Did someone say Integration?

Integration and automation for print businesses is becoming increasingly essential and Flex4 has partnered with a number of organisations to help deliver print workflow improvements.

An example of this is our successful 3 year partnership with Tradeprint, who are one of the UK’s most successful trade printers and celebrated their 25 year anniversary recently.

Tradeprint have always placed priority in making web-2-print accessible to their customers and this goes a step further with the implementation of the Tradeprint API. In the three years of being partners, Flex4’s OPS web to print software and Tradeprint’s API have collectively enabled numerous print businesses to easily place orders online and be fulfilled by Tradeprint.

How the pandemic has compelled the Print Industry to evolve

For many, the pandemic has meant that future-proofing their business is a non-negotiable and the offering of a web to print solution, along with an integration with a trusted and enduring trade printer has been a lifeline. This advancement of integration and automation means that print resellers can provide a 24/7 service to their customers like never before, along with offering their customers product ranges that may not have been options otherwise. The Tradeprint API’s integration with Flex4’s OPS offers automated ordering, dynamic pricing, and workflow automation which can be used to streamline customer communication.

The strength and influence of Tradeprint

Tradeprint started out life as Fairprint in 1997, initially providing small format printing for the trade and processing less than 30 jobs per day. It is fair to say that they have come a long way in the past 25 years, including winning the prestigious PrintWeek Company of the year award in 2015, followed by its acquisition by Dutch firm, Cimpress group, in July 2015 and a successive merger with Exaprint UK a year later. Nowadays Tradeprint’s output is closer to 1000 jobs per day, proving that the Print Industry is still very much alive and kicking.

Tradeprint are a company dedicated to progress both commercially and socially. The appointment of Charlene Joss as Managing Director in November 2018, makes Tradeprint one of the rare few female-led companies within the Print Industry. Not only has Charlene successfully steered the company through the unprecedented pandemic era, she has actually strengthened its position in the market today with ambitious plans to expand floorspace to almost double and invest in new machinery for the coming year.

In addition, Anthony Rowell, Director of Customer Success is making strides forward by applying environmental policies aimed at cutting Tradeprint’s carbon footprint and takes an active stance on the impact of sustainability within the industry as Chair of the BPIF Environmental Forum.

A testament to their benevolent social conscience is their vow to make the well-being of their staff a priority, as well as celebrating their 25th anniversary by creating “25 pledges to pay it forward”. This is an initiative that will run throughout the year to include charitable activities and challenges.

A look towards the future

At Flex4 we admire and support our fellow Print Industry professionals and businesses. Current times are challenging and we are all being required to evolve and transform at a fast pace. Whilst this is exciting and expansive, it also means that we appreciate and value the partnerships and relationships that we have cultivated throughout our years within the print industry. As Flex4 continues to grow, it’s never been more important to us to continue on that journey with our trusted partners and to discover what we can offer next to our joint customers.

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