The Online Print Solution (OPS) from Flex4 enables efficient print management across a host of leading business sectors.

Secure and private ordering, tight stock control and custom development makes OPS a highly flexible solution which can meet all individual requirements.

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web to print storefront

Web To Print Sector Solutions Streamline internal print ordering or build customer loyalty

Brand Protection

Guarantee consistent branding across all print literature and marketing materials.

Template Customisation

Employees or customers can easily customise online templates to instantly create print ready files.

Order Management

Internal print orders or customer accounts can be managed using the back-office system or via integration with your MIS.

Stock Control

Keep tight control of stock and budgets with call-off and re-ordering functionality.

Design Agencies

Estate Agents

As a design agency you’ll no doubt have a series of important clients who regularly request printed materials from business cards and leaflets through to brochures and catalogues. If your team are regularly making small updates this can be become very time consuming.

Providing web to print templates through a client storefront allows individual customers to make simple content edits whilst guaranteeing consistent branding and layouts. Individual customers can then instantly create print ready files for you to approve.

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Buying and selling homes can create a great deal of stress with Estate Agents often taking much of the heat. The Online Print Solution can help reduce administration and give Estate Agents a real competitive advantage when it comes to advertising and selling properties.

Our web to print solution allows you to quickly create beautifully designed brochures and other sale materials using online templates. Individual agents or office locations can quickly create and order print materials with minimal design and print knowledge.

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Each franchisee will expect the freedom to market their business at a local level and ensure they always have enough stock of printed literature. They also likely won’t have available budgets to purchase large print runs up front.

As the franchise owner it’s vital you keep tight control of branding, imagery and key messaging. The OPS allows for the use of web to print templates ready for customisation and easy repeat ordering.

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The requirement for web to print in schools is ever growing and includes internal literature design and branded items right through to allowing parents to securely login and order high quality photography.

The Online Print Solution is highly flexible and can be adapted to fit most print requirements to ensure efficient and cost effective print management.

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Multi-location business

As a charity you’ll have a range of print materials that are key to your marketing and fundraising. A web to print solution will allow trustees, staff or volunteers to quickly order print in a secure and tightly managed online environment.

Budgets will also be of great importance so the use of back office order management and stock control prevents over ordering and wasted budget.

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As a multi location business you’ll have a number of sales and marketing teams regularly requiring print materials to support their work.

Empower your teams to efficiently order print using ready made templates which protect your strict brand guidelines. Each location will also want to keep tight control of stock levels which is possible through our easy re-ordering functionality.

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What Our Customers Say

We chose to use OPS from Flex4 because of price and understanding of our industry, superb customer service and active interest in us as a company.

Corinna Jones, Badger Design

We have some unique requirements and Flex4 are both prepared to, and versatile enough to build in custom functionality that’s specific to us.

Steve Wenlock, Flexpress