Introducing OPS Core

OPS CORE provides a highly flexible and scalable pricing model approach that combines the ‘core’ functionality offered by OPS with the ability to select and include optional design approaches, OPS software modules and workflow integrations. The objective is to allow a print business to create their own solution that meets both their business requirements and budgets.

OPS Software modules and integrations can be either included in an initial implementation or added at any time in the future as your needs change, making OPS the most scalable print eCommerce solution available in the market today.

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Your Solution = OPS Core + Design + Software Modules + Integrations

Web To Print eCommerce For Printers Extend the eCommerce capabilities of OPS Core

Mobile Friendly Design

All OPS websites are built to look great on any device thanks to our responsive layouts.

Flexible Product Layouts

Developed specifically for the print sector your print store provides support for both print and non print products.

Powerful Price Calculation

Pricing based on a combination of a price matrix and the selection from a range of print options.

Easy Online Ordering

Allow customers to build orders online in a safe and secure environment.

WordPress CMS

WordPress allows for regular and easy content and development updates.

Design Portfolio

Add a design portfolio to your website to promote your skills and experience.

Back-Office System

Customer accounts and orders can be managed using the back-office system or via integration with your MIS.

W2P Template Gallery

Introduce easy to edit online templates by utilising our ready-made template gallery.

Template Creation

Easily create and upload your own Web to Print template designs to meet your customer's expectations.

IDML Import

Easily create templates direct from InDesign using the IDML export routine.

Print Ready PDF Generation

Customised templates are automatically converted to print ready PDF files ready for approval.

Training & Support

Full training and on-going support provided by our friendly UK support team.

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