During the last 18 months, many people have decided to diversify their business’, take on additional work, or change careers entirely. This has partly been driven by the movement of increased online sales and online working because of the pandemic. The print industry, being one of the sectors to feel the effects of vast online growth, has been hugely influenced by this, making many print business identify gaps in their business strategies that weren’t evident prior to the pandemic. For many, it has been an opportunity to grow their business and one of the ways print and graphic design businesses have done this is by becoming a print reseller.

What is a print reseller?

To begin with, you might be wondering – what actually is a print reseller? And then have a multitude of other questions to follow that one! In this blog, we will discuss that first question and then have a look at the benefits of being a print reseller and what it actually involves.

To put it in simple terms, print reselling is when a printer doesn’t directly print the products they sell. Instead, they will work with a larger print firm or Trade Printer, who will take wholesale orders for all sorts of print products from business cards to banners and posters.

What does a Trade Printer do?

A Trade Printer offers printing materials and services to smaller print companies, graphic designers, creative agencies and many other print related business’ at a wholesale rate. Trade Printers run a business to business set up which means that they don’t have any contact with the end user and can offer much lower, preferable rates for bulk orders to smaller print related business’. The Trade Printer will ship orders either directly to the end user or to the print reseller but the product will always be in plain packaging to ensure the Trade Printer remains anonymous to the end user.

What are the benefits of working with a Trade Printer?

Actually, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved with this type of printing process. The Trade Printer is gratified from all the business that the resellers bring in. And since the Trade Printer likely has years of expertise, thousands of pounds worth of equipment along with the agility to print hundreds of products efficiently, the reseller benefits from this sum total at reduced, wholesale prices, without the necessity to invest in expensive equipment. A perk that is then passed on to the end user since the reseller is able to also remain reasonably priced. Some smaller print shops also use Trade Printers when they have an overflow of work so their relationship with the Trade Printer affords them additional flexibility with customer orders.

What should a print reseller look for in a Trade Printer?

Good question! Like with most business’ the reputation of Trade Printer is always worth checking out if you are thinking of becoming a print reseller. How long somewhere has been established is usually a good starting point and an enduring business has usually stood the test of time for a reason. That being said, if a Trade Printer is still in their formative years but offers excellent packages, value for money or innovative concepts, it is well worth an inspection of their testimonials and reviews. Ideally, it’s great to find a trade printer who will provide an account manager or consultation service with you to ensure your client’s needs are met and help you find exactly what works for you.

Why should I become a print reseller?

There’s a whole host of business’ who could make gains by also becoming a print reseller. The following business’ are just some of those who could potentially benefit:

  • Ad and creative agencies
  • Graphic Designers
  • Promotional product distributors
  • Banners printers
  • Small to medium print businesses
  • Photographers
  • Freelance writers
  • Artists

Being a print reseller means that you have access to hundreds more products than you would if you were going it alone. Consequently, you can widen your inventory of offering to your customers and accept orders that you wouldn’t be able to take without a trade print relationship behind you. Frequently, this will put you ahead of the game in terms of competition, since trade printers will have the most cutting edge technology which you benefit from, being a print reseller.

For some, being a print reseller also provides more space for doing what they love – designing, artwork and creating the best product possible for their clients. By reducing the hours you spend checking artwork, taking complex orders and stressing about shipments or logistics,  it means that there is more time to devote to what you originally set your business up for. As a print reseller, all this is possible since the trade printer takes those tasks off your hands.

Great! So how do I become a Print Reseller then…?

If you decide that being a print reseller is something you want to expand into it’s time to start doing your research for a good Trade Printer. The next step will be to contact them to discuss setting up an account and what that will entail. They will usually have an account manager or consultant who will discuss all your options with you. After that, the fun starts! Decide how you want to promote your products and offering, update your existing website if you have one, and start telling your customers about the exciting new development with your business.

Flex4 OPS Web to Print Solution

If you have a print business with a website and would like to sell your products online, or are thinking of becoming a print reseller, contact us for a friendly chat. At Flex4, our UK based team have many years of experience in web to print, web programming, digital marketing and more.