This page and this entire website have been built using Flexible Content Blocks.

Flexible Content Blocks is our custom built WordPress theme which allows website owners to easily build great looking web pages. It’s made up of a series of individual blocks of content which can be populated with your own wording and imagery. No coding is required so you can save time and money by removing the need to use a web developer to make simple content updates.

You need very little technical knowledge and online training is provided. You can quickly have your own high quality WordPress web to print website.

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A WordPress Theme Specifically Built For Print Websites This Is Our Featured Icons Content Block

Font Awesome Icons

This content block comes with a library of Font Awesome icons pre-installed. Simply create your content and search for a relevant icon.

Fully Responsive

The Flexible Content Blocks theme is fully responsive so it looks great on all screen sizes. Vital in today's climate where people browse the web on the go from their phone.

Multi Functional Page Layouts

You select which content blocks appear on each page and in what order. You can also easily change the order to highlight or prioritise important content.

Easily Add Content

Flexible content blocks allow for easy edits to wording and imagery. You can also quickly create great looking pages to promote all products and services.

Created For Print Websites

Using our years of experience we've created each content block specifically for print websites to allow you to effectively promote your key products and services.

Styled To Your Branding

Your WordPress website is supplied with your branding including your logo, colours and font. Your social media links and contact information are also included.

Save Time & Money

Make instant content updates to your website. Avoid having to rely on an external web developer to make simple changes for you.

Full Training & Support

Full training and support is provided as part of your OPS package. Our support team can provide an online training session so you or your team can get to work straight away.

Showcase Your Portfolio This block showcases a selection of print eCommerce websites we've created.

Add A Call To Action

This call to action block draws the attention of the reader. It uses a bold background colour and prompts viewers to complete a task such as to request a free demonstration.

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Promote Resources & Key Information

Use this text with sidebar content block to provide some detailed information alongside links to related information or resources. Your sidebar can include an optional image to improve the appearance further.

We’ve used the text with sidebar content block here to promote our case studies page as we’re proud to demonstrate our work. We’ve been designing and developing the OPS and print websites for over 10 years and work with print businesses across the UK and overseas.

Each one benefits from having a future proof print website to promote their print catalogue and design services.


Break Up The Page With Text

A text only content block is a simple way to input some information without the reader being distracted by other content elements. You could use it to provide detailed instructions or simply break up a page that is mainly image based. Including relevant and well written content on your web pages is key not only to provide a good user experience but also achieve good search engine rankings.

Each content block can be moved up and down the page by using simple drag and drop functionality. You can also choose to change the background colour of many of your content blocks to improve the look and break up the page further.

Select Up To 3 Columns

Our proven print and online marketing expertise combine to help you generate more enquiries and online orders for your print business.

Include A Title

It’s essential for every print business to be online. Your customers are doing their research on search engines. Using the latest digital marketing techniques will ensure they find you ahead of competitors.

Input Your Own Wording

Whether you need more enquiries or would like to generate print orders online, our digital marketing services can help.

Present Large Blocks Of Text With Tabs You can even include an icon and image with each one.

Who Choose The OPS

The Online Print Solution (the OPS) has been developed by Flex4 and is based on over 10 years experience in designing, developing and supporting web to print solutions and services for print businesses in both the UK and overseas.

We specialise in providing solutions and services for the design and print sector and are dedicated to helping you to grow your business by taking advantage of the online print marketplace.

Web To Print eCommerce

OPS offers a range of affordable Web to Print eCommerce packages.

Grow your print business online with an online print shop, including an online product catalogue, individual pricing structures and user friendly payment processing.

Private Storefronts

Whether you are a printer or a business that needs efficient print procurement systems, the OPS web to print storefront provides a highly cost-effective solution that allows print orders to be placed quickly and easily online.

An OPS storefront can be deployed as a standalone solution, or integrated with an OPS web to print eCommerce solution.


Digital Marketing

A successful digital marketing campaign should focus on proven techniques such as content creation, search engine marketing, social media engagement and conversion optimisation.

We have over 10 years of experience in delivering effective digital marketing techniques that will increase your visibility online. Whether you need more enquiries or would like to generate print orders online, our digital marketing services can help.

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A 1st Class system for anyone serious about e-commerce... Flex4 OPS is a very powerful tool and we are constantly finding new ways to improve the presentation of our offering.

Alex Sharples, Fineline Printing & Stationery

We now have a comprehensive but also easy to update company website which continues to grow alongside our company expansion.

John E Wright

Promote company news or your latest blog posts Content marketing is a key part of successful digital marketing

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