Let’s start with a few home truths:

  • it doesn’t matter how brilliant your web site is if no-one ever finds it
  • it doesn’t matter how quickly they find it if they take one quick look and then move on
  • it doesn’t matter how long they stay on your site if they don’t do anything positive (ideally, place an order, but at the very least leave their details or register for updates)

We’re fairly sure none of these are particularly controversial statements, so we’ll move onto the big questions: what is a quality web site, specifically, and how do you get one?

It’s interesting when answering the first of these questions to reflect on that word “quality”.  Of course, it is perfectly possible to have a beautifully designed and impactful site that no-one ever sees – and we’re sure there are numerous examples – so it could be argued that it is still a quality site.  We mean something very specific here though: search engines such as Google like it (and it therefore ranks high) and visitors to the site like it (and therefore they register or order etc.).  If your site achieves both of these, we’d say it was a quality site.

This begs the question – what constitutes a quality site?

1.First Impressions

Must be very good.  Attention spans are low, and people make decisions on whether to stay or move on in fractions of a second.

2. Clear Information

Tells people what they want to know quickly and easily, without the need to hunt for it which again will put people off.

3. Interests The Visitor

It’s one thing making it highly functional, it’s quite another if people are genuinely enthused by it.

4. Ease Of Use

It you are selling print online, showing the range of your products in a compelling way and making it easy to order are vital.

Your website needs to be found

So much for the site itself, but how about our second answer i.e. getting found by search engines.  We’re deliberately keeping this non-technical, but believe us when we say that significant effort is required behind the scenes to achieve this.  The good news is, you don’t have to worry about it… we’ll do the worrying for you.

Factors like brand perception, quality content, regular updates and so on are important, as are the use of digital marketing methods.

Creating quality websites for printers is what we do, and we’re good at it.  Come and talk to us and find out how we do it.

Flex 4 have been providing best-in-class W2P solutions and digital marketing services for print and graphic design businesses since 2004.  We have numerous satisfied customers right across the country.  We are UK-based – all of our team work out of our office in Kendal.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, and desire to please – we would love the opportunity to show you what we’re capable of.

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